our story.

Natural Truth started with the problem of not being able to find affordable natural products that worked for the eczema and dry scalp condition that my daughter had. 


I began researching natural products that work to benefit the hair and body. Finding natural products with properties that help these conditions, I came up with my own recipe which I used consistently. The results were amazing, her hair and scalp became deeply moisturized, alleviating dandruff, relieving eczema and I was able to use it as an all-over for my new-borns. This multifaceted treatment gave birth to our signature

‘all-over’ offering. Truth was born. 

Truth’s products are natural, organic and vegan. No harsh chemicals or additives are involved, truth is an ethical product staying true to what the earth naturally provides and bringing it's best to your skin.

It is suitable for everyone from vegans to babies, that's how natural our product is. We guarantee the best quality of natural ingredients in every product. 


Shanoy x 


I loved using shea butters as a natural moisturiser and a healthier alternative to mainstream commercial products. I wanted to get rid of scarring on my body and have a more uniform and even skin tone, however I always found the smell of raw shea butter off putting. I often found myself mixing raw shea butter and perfumed lotions to provide a more pleasant aroma, especially when going to work.

Joining Shanoy on this journey has been amazing as one of the key factors of Natural Truth is the amazing range of natural scents that are provided, they are rejuvenating and leave you feeling very confident internally and externally on a day to day basis!

Liz x