"Well aren't you a natural beauty!"

Our first letter is just a little reminder that you - yes you, are a natural beauty! In a society where beauty standards have left many of us doubting whether we are beautiful, we want to tell you that you are bang on trend!

Many times we compare ourselves physically, we pull ourselves down and others too in the tiresome rat race of beauty. We cradle likes and comments as if they are the determinants of our value. What can I change to look better? A question that has some positives, but has to be done with much consideration. Physical beauty is not a race, and it is definitely not a competition. You are you, there is only one of you, and you are in a league of your own. Don't let your self-esteem be jeopardised by the constant scroll, click, scroll.

When we reflect and interact with our physical features we have to be much more gentle, we have become very harsh on ourselves and the effects go deep to our soul as we constantly reject ourselves. The break out of emotions that comes with comparison is a situation that cannot be remedied by anything but the truth.

The perception of our beauty starts with our minds and not what we put on or change to create a universal ideal; the start line and bottom line of physical self care is that our bodies have been created naturally beautiful.

We are all works of art. Bespoke examples of beauty.

Go to a mirror and say it, "I am beautiful".

That is the natural truth.

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